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  • Cocina de Autor Restautant of Grand Velas Los Cabos

Outspoken Flavors

More than a restaurant, Cocina de Autor is a Grand Velas concept; a sensorial dining experience of fine gastronomy led by two Michelin Star Head Chef Sidney Schutte of the Netherlands. This is a culinary tour that reflects the culture and life around us.
Cocina de Autor Restautant of Grand Velas Los Cabos
Begin the experience with a cocktail by our mixologists at the Cocina de Autor bar, before being led to your table to enjoy a playful 8-10 course tasting menu showcasing the finest fresh produce and local meats and seafood.
  • CuisineCreative
  • Age Group16+. Wine pairing is offered to ages 18+ only.
  • Hours6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Reservation required)
  • Phone01-624-104-9826
  • AttireElegant-Casual. For men: collared shirt, trousers and closed footwear. For women: dresses, skirts, or evening trousers. Beach sandals, tank tops and shorts are not permitted.
Cocina de Autor
Every dish celebrates the pleasure of fresh ingredients and fine food. Take a look at our menus and begin savoring our Chefs' creations.
Sidney Schutte - Cocina de Autor
Meet the Chef
Sidney Schutte - Recipient of two Michelin Stars.
Chef Sidney Schutte directs restaurant Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas Los Cabos.
His Dutch heritage, passion for travel and four years in Asia shaped his palate and inspired him to present various taste sensations within a single dish. Ingredients themselves are a source of creative inspiration for him.
Schutte gained extensive experience in prestigious kitchens throughout Europe and Asia, including Amber in Hong Kong, led by top Dutch chef Richard Ekkebus, recipient of two Michelin Stars; De Scholteshof in Belgium, under Roger Souvereyns, with two Michelin Stars; and De Librije in Zwolle, headed by the acclaimed Jonnie Boer, who with Schutte's help obtained a third Michelin star for the restaurant. Just seven months after second location of De Librije opened in Amsterdam under Schutte's command, it was awarded two Michelin stars.
He has also been recognized as "SVH Meesterkok", the highest recognition a chef can achieve in the Netherlands.
Frank Schipper - Cocina de Autor
Meet the Chef
Frank Schipper
Frank Schipper started cooking at the young age of 14, and unsure of what he wanted to do in the future, kept it as a side job while studying management and entrepreneurship. After receiving his degree, he realized his passion was for the culinary world and wasted no time in returning to his work in the kitchen.
He spent three years working at De Bokkedoorns, (a Two Michelin Star restaurant) and then served in some of the best restaurants in the Netherlands, where he trained in every section of the kitchen to become a complete chef.
Frank has organized two cooking events with one of his best friends, Tjitze van der Dam, where he cooked with a different chef every hour for 24 hours. The first edition had chefs in attendance with a total of 24 Michelin Stars and the second edition had a total of 36 Michelin Stars, including those earned by Sidney Schutte.
He loves the creative part of cooking the most, because you never stop learning. As the son of a farmer, he loves working with fresh ingredients.
Grand Velas and Sidney Schutte have given him the chance to grow and work with a motivated team. His goal is to make people happy and provide them with an experience they will never forget. Together with Vincent Colauto, he aims to ensure that Cocina de Autor becomes one of the best restaurants in Mexico.
Vincent Colauto - Cocina de Autor
Meet the Chef
Vincent Colauto
Originally from Amsterdam, Holland, Chef Vincent Colauto developed his career as a chef in various restaurants, many in his home country.
In the year 2002, he worked with Chef Sidney Schutte at De Librije Restaurant; recipient of Two Michelin Stars. From 2005 to 2016 he served as Head Chef of restaurant Duinzicht of the Fletcher Hotel in Holland. He concluded his training at the ROC and Spermalie restaurants in Bruges, and at Katseveer, which has received a Michelin Star.
He is now responsible for supervision of the staff of restaurant Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas Los Cabos.