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Welcome to Our Blog:Grand Velas Luxury Resort, Los Cabos

6 fun candy-inspired drinks to relive your inner child

Remember how excited you’d get as a kid around Christmas time, your birthday, or any time you knew there’d be candies around? Well, you can relive that excitement with a grown-up twist. Candies are the perfect addition to create a fun and unique cocktail during an adult event.

A journey through Mexican tamales

The apparently simple preparation of this dish —consisting of a portion of maize dough mixed with other ingredients such as iguana, shrimp, beans or fish, and later wrapped in a corn or banana leaf, and steamed—, required the development of instruments such as stone scrapers to remove corn kernels; pichanchas or clay pots with perforations to rinse the nixtamal; to grind the grain, metates; and to cook the dough, pots that resisted the heat, and lids.

Discover a Bite of Mexico at Grand Velas Los Cabos

Have a blast this summer at the 5-star luxury resort in Los Cabos where you’ll get a chance to savor true Mexican heritage with “A Bite of Mexico”, a culinary event with a laid-back vibe that’ll wow your palate and then some. Rotating Chefs from all over Mexico will bring their innovative cooking techniques to the kitchen. Be sure to make your reservations for a culinary journey of a lifetime anytime between July 8 – August 3, 2019.

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