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Pongámoslo en práctica👏 ¡El día de hoy José Luis de Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit nos enseña como preparar composta en casa! #DreamingTogether
And the table is ready for you and your family! Can you tell us which restaurant is this? #DreamingTogether
Todo suma 👏 ! "Velas Resorts se ha unido con Vhealthy, una empresa que se dedica a proveer tecnología médica certificada en nuestro país para ‘aportar un granito de arena' en medio de la situación que se está viviendo". - Robb Report México
Unidos por México ❤️👏 ! "Velas Resorts se ha unido con Vhealthy, una empresa que se dedica a proveer tecnología médica certificada en nuestro país para ‘aportar un granito de arena' en medio de la situación que se está viviendo". - Robb Report México
Views that will always take a smile out of you! #DreamingTogether
It's a matter of time for you to enjoy seeing this beautiful beach! #DreamingTogether
Cheers 🥂 Drinking a Lychee Martini as an aperitif is always a good idea! 🍸We can't wait to have you back to taste the delightful mixology of our resorts. #DreamingTogether
Can't wait to see you here! #DreamingTogether
Good morning from Los Cabos... #DreamingTogether
Sooner than you think, you'll be able to enjoy of a sunny day in Cabo! #DreamingTogether
Together 👏 Vhealthy, the medical technology division of Grupo Velas, of which Velas Resorts is also part 20,000 face masks were donated to the following hospitals and organizations in the past few days. 👇#DreamingTogether
Una romántica aventura te espera muy pronto en Los Cabos #DreamingTogether
We can't wait to see you again! Very very soon! Are you ready to walk through here? #DreamingTogether
Nothing like spending the summer relaxing by the pool with a delicious drink in hand... #DreamingTogether
Luxury hotels all over the world have live cams showcasing their dreamy destinations. These livestreams let you escape to everywhere all without leaving your living room. 👏
We can't wait to light up all these colors for you! #DreamingTogether
Views that will take your breath away, Los Cabos awaits you, very soon! #DreamingTogether
When you travel, taking a photo or recording a video with your cell phone allows you to keep as many memories as you can. All you want is to see those unforgettable moments with friends and family during your vacations! Taking a great photo or an amazing video is pretty simple if you consider these 2 tips 👇 #DreamingTogether
A magical moment like no other! #DreamingTogether #VelasWeddings
¡Grandes experiencias te esperan! ¡Nos vemos muy pronto! ✨#DreamingTogether
On the most important day of your life, having your friends by your side is the best! #DreamingTogether #VelasWeddings
Our beaches, the most beautiful you can find! #DreamingTogether
Those nights that inspire... #DreamingTogether
Another relaxation method you have to give a try: Sound Therapy. The benefits obtained are tangible from the very first session. You may find it a helpful addition to your health and wellbeing routine. Discover Velas Magazine and subscribe for more trends, tips, and stories! #DreamingTogether
¡Hora de preparar unos deliciosos ñoquis de papa! Te sorprenderá lo fácil que es con esta receta que nos comparte el Chef Cristian Israel en Grand Velas Riviera Maya. #DreamingTogether
Chef Michel Mustiere Pro, Our Culinary Director, talked with Lonely Planet about how we found a way to connect with you to create delicious meals at home. #DreamingTogether
And for those who don't want to leave their exercise routine at home, visit our Gym! #DreamingTogether
Mas pronto de lo que crees, crearemos grandes recuerdos y experiencias juntos 😍✨#DreamingTogether
A fun time for everyone! We'll be ready with fun games! #DreamingTogether
Welcome to our SE Spa, here you'll find that peace you've been looking for... #DreamingTogether
Let's relax today hearing "Joy" by Roberto Gopar. Happy Sunday! #DreamingTogether
We love the flora of Los Cabos, that's why you can see it in different places of our resort, Isn't it amazing? #DreamingTogether
Perfect for a relaxing vacation... #DreamingTogether
Are you craving a refreshing cocktail to cool your spring afternoons? Prepare a Strawberry Mojito with us! 🍓#DreamingTogether
Amaneceres que enamoran... #DreamingTogether
We have accompanied you during your stay at home, but we are very excited to be able to welcome and pamper you with our distinctive cuisine, family experiences, and vibrant landscapes! #DreamingTogether
Enjoy of a delicious coffee cocktail when you visit us this summer! You won't regret it! #DreamingTogether
Let's soak up the sun! Summer is calling you! #DreamingTogether
Home is where the heart is... #DreamingTogether
Our lovely beaches, our amazing weather, all for you... #DreamingTogether
What about a refreshing drink by the pool? It's already there for you!! #DreamingTogether
Let yourself take the opportunity of meeting paradise... #DreamingTogether
Te hemos acompañado durante tu permanencia en casa, ¡pero estamos muy emocionados de pronto poder recibirte y consentirte con nuestra distintiva gastronomía, experiencias familiares, y paisajes vibrantes! #DreamingTogether Continuamos juntos a la distancia y hoy estamos preparando una sorpresa especial, que descubrirás en tu próxima visita a nuestros resorts, ¡Conoce más!
Free your mind, enjoy this time, a once in a lifetime experience with us... #DreamingTogether
Isaac Esparza, the Executive Chef of Casa Velas, teaches us how to prepare Enfrijoladas! Have you taste them! You won't regret it. #BetterTogether About Casa Velas: https://bit.ly/2WpuKik
Right here, right now, where you supossed to be... #DreamingTogether
We want to make your vacation dreams come true... #DreamingTogether
Chef Michel Mustiere Pro, our Corporate Chef, shows us how to prepare a delicious homemade barbecue! » Ingredient List: https://bit.ly/3dtk5Jg
It's time for you to feel free, and Los Cabos knows it! We can't wait to see you again! #DreamingTogether
What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than a romantic visit to Los Cabos, Happy Mother's Day! #HappyMothersDay #DreamingTogether
Happy Mother's Day!! Thank you for always being our warm and bright light... #HappyMothersDay #DreamingTogether
¡Feliz Día de las Madres! Luis Angarita, Director General de Velas Vallarta, desea que disfrutes de la serenata que te hemos preparado para celebrar este día ❤️ #DíaDeLasMadres #BetterTogether
We hope you enjoy the Mexican serenade that we have prepared for you, Happy Mother's Day!! #BetterTogether
Celebrate this Mother's Day enjoying this Mexican serenade on the Velas Vallarta beautiful beach!! #BetterTogether
Start your summer adventure in Cabo! #DreamingTogether
Say hello to summer in Cabo!! No better place like this! #DreamingTogether
Philippe Piel, our amazing Executive Chef of Grand Velas Los Cabos, prepared the world's favorite dish: Crepes!! #BetterTogether
¡Ya casi es el Día de las Madres! Y para celebrarlo, Velas Magazine te comparte tres ideas que no puedes conseguir en una tienda, y que llegarán directo al corazón de mamá ❤️ #BetterTogether
Can you see yourself with your loved one appreciating this beautiful view? #DreamingTogether
The Executive Chef of Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, Chef Guillaume Morancé, welcomes us to his kitchen to prepare an exquisite recipe: Mushroom Risotto. #BetterTogether
A place where you are as happy, relaxed, or at ease is your home... #DreamingTogether
Velas Magazine guides you to create yours! Gratitude stones are a helpful symbol to always keep in mind the importance of being thankful. #BetterTogether #DreamingTogether
Everything you need, everything you wish for, right here... #DreamingTogether
Fall in love with the colors of Los Cabos sky... #DreamingTogether
Almost time to see you standing here!! We can't wait! #DreamingTogether
Are you ready?! We have started to set the scenery to make sure your next vacation is a great celebration! 👏 #DreamingTogether
Sooner than you think you'll be able to be here at the Sky Bar Terrace enjoying of an amazing time! #DreamingTogether
¿Qué tal un refrescante Cóctel Riviera Maya? Una excelente opción para refrescarte durante estas tardes de primavera. 🍹
Chef Antonio La Monica of Lucca Restaurant shows you how and also gives you some tips to prepare Raviolis and Tortellinis at home! Enjoy! 👏🏼#BetterTogether
A unique experience in a magical place... #BetterTogether
The perfect spot for you to relax and enjoy the amazing view of the ocean... #BetterTogether
Memorize this place, it will be waiting for you with delicious drinks as soon as you arrive! #BetterTogether
It's Sunday!! Day to leave all the stress behind and we know the best place for that! 😉 #BetterTogether
¡Domingo! Día perfecto para disfrutar del glamour de esta deliciosa Mimosa 🥂🍾 #BetterTogether
Every detail of each room is designed for your comfort. #BetterTogether
Your home away from home, always missing you, always waiting for you! #BetterTogether
Now everybody close your eyes and imagine being on your favorite beach, enjoying these healing sounds... #BetterTogether
We think that today is the best day to eat something nutritious and delicious! What about a Vegan Burger? That is right. Abigail Perez, our Chef from Azul Restaurant at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit is going to show us how to prepare a vegan burger that will make us want to go full vegan. #BetterTogether » https://bit.ly/Vegan_Burguer
Now Danica Johnson guides us to cultivate body love, a sense of self-acceptance, and creativity through yoga. #BetterTogether
And now, Deborah Hanekamp, who is also known as Mama Medicine, is here to explain to us how we can become our own healers with Ritual Baths. #BetterTogether
Are you enjoying our Wellnessing Getaway ONLINE? Tell us what you think!! #BetterTogheter #MyVelasExperience
Karla Tafra, the yoga instructor and nutritionist, has prepared for you a unique Nutrition & Superfood workshop. #BetterTogether
Disfruta de esta Sesión de Inmersión para Aliviar la ansiedad y Balancear la Energía con Ana Paula Domínguez, fundadora y directora del Instituto Mexicano de Yoga. #BetterTogether
Hey everyone! Here is the Wellness Expert, Nikki Sharp, shares with us her knowledge of healthy living for the mind, body, and soul. #BetterTogether
Don't miss our Wellnessing Getaway ONLINE today!! Stay tuned!! #MyVelasExperience #BetterTogether
Let's do this 15-minute full-body workout with Rachael's Good Eats to take your morning routine to the next level! #BetterTogether
Try this burn fat cardio workout with Rebecca-Louise and tone your entire body! Let's do it! #BetterTogether
Silvia Velasco, Gerente de SE Spa en Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, te da una cálida bienvenida al Wellnessing Getaway online ¡Bienvenidos! #BetterTogether
Leave the stress behind and relax in Los Cabos #BetterTogether
¡Este Día del Niño crea diseños originales y divertidos con tus hijos! El equipo del Kids Club nos comparte como hacer pulseras 👏 #BetterTogether #DíaDelNiño » https://bit.ly/2XIvAI6
Imagina, crea, sorpréndete, diviértete y sonríe ¡Feliz Día del Niño! 👏
This signature treatment aligns body posture and also, cleans energy channels from head to toe... #BetterTogether » https://bit.ly/2S7GxPG
We are saving these seats to all of you! The best view in Cabo! #BetterTogether
Let's prepare a Salmon with Lentil Salad with Chef Mario Soto, the Executive Chef of Piaf Restaurant in Grand Velas Riviera Maya! We hope you enjoy it at home! #BetterTogether About Piaf: https://bit.ly/3d0azgw
No place like paradise... #BetterTogether
We think someone is ready to receive you at Azul Restaurant! Do you know his name? #BetterTogether
Meet Chef Bert Bonnarens, Cocina de Autor at Grand Velas Los Cabos follows a unique philosophy: creating things that apparently don't pair, yet they taste great! Read the full interview: https://bit.ly/BertBonnarensInterview
Let's appreciate those wonderful colors that Los Cabos gives us... #BetterTogether
Your home sweet home will wait for you with open arms! #BetterTogether
Hoy Ruth Gallardo, Instructora de Yoga en Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, nos enseña una manera divertida de hacer el ¡Saludo al Sol con tus hijos! » https://bit.ly/2VZpXmi