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Because life without mexican food is no life at all, we have Frida Restaurant!! Have you ever been here?
Our heroes will finally have a name and face. Get ready to nominate them very soon! #100HeroesAtVelas https://100heroes.velasresorts.com/
The best and original italian food in Cabo you will find it at Lucca Restaurant!
Classy and fabulous! 📸 by DreamArt Photography
100 seems like a small number, but for us, it's a BIG DEAL. We want to recognize the effort of 100 heroes in the health sector with a memorable vacation, but we need your help to achieve this! Let's give them a break together and join our initiative "Let's Be Thankful" right here: www.velasresorts.com/100heroes. #100HeroesAtVelas
A drink by the pool is always a good idea! 📸 by DreamArt Photography
The view to paradise is amazing! 😍 and you will only find it in Grand Velas los Cabos. Weddings by Velas Resorts
Always make time for the things you love, like drinking margaritas!!
Meet our amazing Margarita Night! Full of magic and mystery
Here you can have everything you have always dreamed of!
Baja California Sur is rich in desert flora, and at the same time in contact with the beach, What do you think of this incredible combination?
Those sunrises that are incomparable
Have you checked the easy steps we'll follow to make 100 heroes happy? This is the plan: Call us at 1 888 210 9591 or visit velasresorts.com/100heroes, and be part of this movement! #100HeroesAtVelas
Let us spoil you at our Beauty Salon! From your hair to your makeup! We will make you feel like the queen of the place!
The perfect combination of beach and desert! Los Cabos has it all!
Bernardo shows us how to prepare an Irish Ice Coffee at AMAT 👏🏻
All of this, only for you! What are waiting for?
Life is a great adventure and we have to be prepared to jump into it! 📸 by DreamArt Photography
Luxury is in every detail, in those unique marvelous experiences... 📸 by DreamArt Photography
One of the queens of the great banquets, without a doubt, is The Lobster!
With our new "Let's Be Thankful" campaign, we want to thank all healthcare heroes by offering well-deserved, all-inclusive vacations where they can rest, relax, and recharge. Our goal for the campaign is to give at least 100 free all-inclusive stays to healthcare heroes. Forbes More information https://bit.ly/2Pc8IPb
The Tomahawk, this culinary delicacy we have it at Velas 10
Join our initiative "Let's Be Thankful" to give them a memorable vacation in paradise. Join us here and let's make 100 heroes happy! » velasresorts.com/100heroes
A view you have to have!
Every day in Los Cabos is a day of magic!
Time to eat ceviche!! Let's go to Cabrilla!
Fall in love with our incredible beaches, enjoy their color, their life!
Say hello to the sun in the most beautiful sunrises in Mexico
Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of this place...
Incredible experiences await you in this incredible place!
We can turn an ordinary place into an extraordinary one, what are you waiting for? @velasweddings
It's time to celebrate one of the most symbolic drinks of Mexico! Happy #NationalMargaritaDay!
Did you know that in Grand Velas Los Cabos you have the chance to be the author of your margarita? More Information: https://bit.ly/2NR25RC #NationalMargaritaDay
Every detail, every place, perfect for you! 📸 by DreamArt Photography
Margaritas makes everything better! Celebrate #NationalMargatritaDay with us! 🤩
Find yourself in a magical place, with thousands of possibilities, thousands of dreams to come true... 📸 by DreamArt Photography
In the phrase "Love is in the air" we think that "Love is on the beach", Who agrees? 📸 by DreamArt Photography
Let's be thankful! With your visit to any of our hotels, you join our efforts to offer a well-deserved vacation to the heroes from the health sector, while adding a complimentary night to your next trip. Our goal is to make 100 heroes happy. Are you in? #100HeroesAtVelas https://www.velasresorts.com/100heroes
Vacation time has come! Enjoy the wonderful beach, the rays of the sun, the refreshing drinks, everything we have for you! 📸 by DreamArt Photography
Hey you! What are you waiting to come and enjoy this incredible paradise!?
If you haven't visited our Beauty Salon at SE Spa, today is the day! Let yourself be pampered by our incredible staff fully prepared for you!
That beautiful place where you will always feel safe and welcome
Extensive beaches, beautiful oceans, incredible views
The best location, where you will experience a lot of emotion
Beautiful sunny mornings in Cabo...
Let's make this experience unforgettable! Your place is here!
That magical place you decide to say Yes! Weddings by Velas Resorts
It's a beautiful morning in Cabo, and the birds know it!
Can you feel the magic?
Enjoy all the beauty of Los Cabos from the comfort of your suite
The perfect combination of beach and desert, only in Los Cabos
Sun, beach and sand... What else could you need?
If you haven't visited Cocina de Autor, you don't know what you're missing! Make your reservation today!
The afternoons are better accompanied by a bonfire, join us!
Fabian show us how tu prepare the Autor cocktail!
Let yourself be pampered by our incredible staff! We want you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!
How about today we enjoy a delicious ceviche?
El amor hecho leyenda! 😍 Checa esto: https://bit.ly/3rMPhKN
This paradise makes you fall in love just by seeing it
Enjoy the sun, the beach, the pools, it is your moment to be pampered
¡El mes más romántico está aquí y con él un clima perfecto! Te compartimos 11 ideas para sorprender al amor de tu vida 😍 https://bit.ly/37j7Zlt
Wonderful beaches... the most beautiful in Mexico!
A totally magical place, like you've never seen it before!
Be dazzled by our wonderful beaches!
Did you know that Los Cabos is a mix of beach and desert?
We are saving you a seat at Velas 10! Are you ready?
Does anyone know what kind of flowers are these?
All the comforts from your suite!
Views and beaches that will take your breath away every day
The best place to be pampered is surely our SE Spa, you have to visit!
Los Cabos has many beautiful things, and one of the best is its incredible beaches
Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the Lucca Restaurant's Bar before enjoying your delicious Italian dinner!
Enjoy the delicious sound of the ocean waves, relax from the comfort of your suite
Your comfort our priority
In Amat you will find the best coffees in Los Cabos! Start your morning in the best way
Your destination is already written, your destination is Los Cabos!
Our reason for existing is you... Enjoy all the magnificent things we have for you!
Beautiful beaches that you will only find in Los Cabos Jeremy Chou Photography
The best place to have a drink after dinner is KOI Bar, we are waiting for you!
This is the best place for you to relax! We are ready to pamper you! Jeremy Chou Photography
Not only the days are magical, the nights too! Fall in love with this beautiful view of Cabo at night!
The magic begins here... Live the Grand Velas Los Cabos experience!
Your dream come true in a picture
✨💦 Andy Benavides #MyVelasExperience #GrandVelasCabo
In our Velas 10 Restaurant, a pleasant natural environment awaits you, with the best view of the sea, delicious food, a wonderful experience
Enjoy a luxurious experience this spring! This is your home!
Enjoy an afternoon of atelier at our SE Spa!
The sun's rays show you the way to paradise...
In this luxury paradise is where you will find happiness!
Pool Day!! 💦 Andy Benavides #MyVelasExperience #GrandVelasCabo
Do you already know our Bridal Suite? It's fabulous, don't you think? 😍
More beautiful beaches you will not find...
Who said they wanted a popsicle? Hugo has them in the pool!! Let's go!
Una boda estilo shabby chic en el escenario perfecto! 😍 😍 Mar del Cabo https://bit.ly/2YeRL80
Let's go to Amat!! We assure you that you will find something deliciously beautiful to drink!
Morning World 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 Andy, Alía, Aria Andy Benavides #MyVelasExperience #GrandVelasCabo
Let's find out how was the First Wedding at Grand Velas Los Cabos!! 💕 Weddings by Velas Resorts
Mexican cuisine like you have never tasted, visit Frida Restaurant!
Nothing compares to the beautiful beaches of Los Cabos, there is nothing like that!