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We are celebrating #WorldWellnessWeekend so, What if we teach you how to make a bouquet for a "Cleaning with bouquet of rosemary and salvia"? 👏 #WellnessForAll #WorldWellnessWeekendMexico #BienestarParaTodos #WWW2020 #BienestarMexico Luxury Spa Mexico World Wellness Weekend
We are so happy to be celebrating today the #WorldWellnessWeekend 👏 Join us!! #WellnessForAll #WorldWellnessWeekendMexico #BienestarParaTodos #WWW2020 #BienestarMexico Luxury Spa Mexico World Wellness Weekend
Wellness is not only choosing to have incredible experiences but to decide on living a meaningful life. Luxury Spa Mexico #GrandVelasCabo #WorldWellnessWeekend #WWW2020 #WorldWellnessWeekendMexico
Let's celebrate #WorldWellnessWeekend learning how to make a Mandala!! 👏🏼 #WWW2020 #WellnesForAll #WorldWellnessWeekendMexico Luxury Spa Mexico
Mandalas help us to stay more focused, centered and forceful in life ✨ Luxury Spa Mexico #WorldWellnessWeekend #WWW2020 #WellnesForAll #WorldWellnessWeekendMexico
Today on #WorldWellnessWeekend we are going to tell you how to make your own Hands Exfoliant! Are you ready? 👏 @Luxury Spa Mexico #WWW2020 #WellnesForAll #WorldWellnessWeekendMexico
"Grand Velas Los Cabos entre los 10 mejores del mundo según viajeros de Tripadvisor" Yahoo News 👉 snip.ly/h9tsar
Between the sky, the beach and the sea is your next romantic getaway...
Every minute that passes, you are missing of an adventure of a lifetime, sunsets more beautiful than anything you've ever seen...
Chef Mario Rueda from our sister property Mar del Cabo show us how to make a Peruvian Ceviche in less than 3 minutes! 😯👏👏
Chocolate is a gift of love to yourself
Chocolate, the happiness that you can savor ❤️
Let's toast to Mexico! Happy day! Celebrate with us accompanied by one of our Frida Kahlo inspired drinks!
This day we celebrate our beloved Mexico! Happy Independence Day of Mexico!
¡Feliz Día de la Independencia de México! 🇲🇽 ¡Qué mejor forma de celebrarlo que en nuestro Restaurante Frida!
Let's celebrate Mexico's Independence Day with a delicious mexican dinner! Who is in the mood for the best tacos in Mexico?
Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, have a pineapple drink!
"Grand Velas Los Cabos; El mejor hotel de México y uno de los 10 mejores a nivel mundial" Robb Report Más información: https://snip.ly/qwkvg2
And if you are looking to refresh yourself this afternoon with a fruity drink, do it! We have a great special variety for our dear guests
Enjoy a refreshing Pistachio Sour while you admire the breathtaking view from Koi Bar!
Have you ever tried a KOI Lady cocktail? Order it the next time you visit KOI Bar!
Your safety is always first, so our entire team is fully trained and dedicated to see you happy and fulfill all your dreams, applying all the necessary hygiene protocols, and this way you can enjoy the best day of your life! ❤️ Weddings by Velas Resorts
Let yourself be blown away by a magical unique place in Los Cabos
Perfect spot to enjoy the brightness of the sun: right here!
Keep your face to the sun and you will see greatness!
Enjoy the most beautiful and sunny days in Los Cabos, where the sun always shines
Fuimos elegidos como el mejor recinto en la categoría Resort Todo Incluido de México, y octavo del mundo por Tripadvisor👏👏 Golf&Spa Magazine Más información: snip.ly/jhmt0f
Girls always want to have fun! Take that trip with friends that you have longed for and visit Los Cabos this holidays!
The luxury and comfort with which you are pampered with us is a one in a million experience...
You won't want to leave your suite...
Made exclusively for your fun, Kids, welcome to our Playground!
"Grand Velas Los Cabos, el mejor hotel de México en los Travellers' Choice 2020" Tripadvisor INMOBILIARE 👉 https://snip.ly/i2sf6r
All in favor of Piña Coladas for breakfast say I! 📷 via INS by @hannahkardux
Sun is out and we know it! 📷 via INS by @hannahkardux
The natural beauty of Los Cabos is impossible to find anywhere else, its colors and its people, unique Mexican culture
Incomparable views, irresistible experiences, magical ocean right in front of you
Fall in love with our specialties in drinks, unique and completely new every day, we present to you here the Tequila Passion drink
A refreshing drink on a sunny day is essential, try our delicious Cantaloupe Daisy drink!
Sun, beach, sand and the best hotel in Mexico, What else do you need?
Let yourself fall in love with the freshness of our drinks, the perfect combination with the beach
Magical sunsets, you will not be able to avoid being hypnotized by its wonderful colors
The best resort in Mexico has everything you need for your perfect vacation!
We are proudly the No. 1 Luxury resort in Mexico and one of the top 10 world wide! 👏🙏
In our Wellness Suite you will always find comfort, space, and the vibe of peace and harmony
If you are part of the wellness community, we have our Wellness Suite especially for you, just what you need
Frente al Mar de Cortés, el mejor resort de México te espera...
Life was meant for good friends and great adventures! Make your next one Los Cabos!
In the mood for a popsicle? Hugo is at the pool ready to give you and your friends all the popsicles you like!
En los Cabos existen 10 de los 25 hoteles más populares de México y Grand Velas Los Cabos recibe la calificación como el mejor resort!👏 Checa esto! https://snip.ly/seodrr
Get in touch with the magical side of Los Cabos
Steeped yourself into a magical place where you'll feel right at home...
Desserts just to see them speak for themselves, the delight that awaits you when trying them is quite an experience!
Desserts just to see them speak for themselves, the delight that awaits you when trying them is quite an experience!
Sunday dessert with pineapple! It's not summer if you don't have a fruity dessert!
The weekend is not complete without having a delicious refreshing drink!
Lucca Restaurant features fresh Italian and Mediterranean cuisine using the finest local and imported ingredients. Complementing the authentic cuisine is the region's largest wine selection, with 2,500 bottles from 1,500 different producers, including the best of Baja California. What are you waiting for to visit Lucca?!
"Tripadvisor dio a conocer su exclusiva lista de los mejores hoteles de México, entre los cuales Grand Velas Los Cabos, obtuvo el primer lugar" Forbes Más info: https://snip.ly/kju96s
That place that you can never forget, KOI Bar, where you will find the best cocktails and drinks to enjoy a summer afternoon
Take your vacation to the next level spending what is left of this summer in the best hotel of Mexico
Acompañanos en la Terraza Miramar para ver desde aquí el hermoso atardecer de Los Cabos, ¡Ya casi es hora!
This season of the year demands beach! And we have a spot more than ready for you!
Our dishes, of the highest category, exquisite and unique, await you with us
Pineapple is the perfect dessert after a delicious meal
Enjoy the comfort of your room, the privacy you need, a space just for you, at our Wellness Suite
Beautiful sunny day in Cabo☀️
Your dream come true is closer than you think, it is waiting for you in Los Cabos
Fall in love one more time, spend your dream vacation in this magical place
Paradise becomes reality in Los Cabos
Time to cool off! How about a delicious fruity drink?
Very few things in the world are better than chocolate, right? Don't forget to order your chocolate cocktail when you visit us!
May your mouth never forget the delicious taste of tequila
Nothing more perfect than a refreshing drink made with tequila! Order yours at the Pool Bar!
Sabias que... El mejor resort de México se encuentra en Los Cabos? Orgullosamente Lo Mejor de Lo Mejor en Tripadvisor!👏
We are saving a special place for you in Terraza Miramar so you can enjoy the wonderful sunset show!
Enjoy with your loved one a romantic vacation in Los Cabos, all that you deserve we have it here
Did you know... that the word chocolate comes from "Xocolatl", an Aztec term that means "bitter water"?
Cada platillo es una evocación al gusto por la buena comida, no puedes visitar Los Cabos y no visitar nuestro Restaurante Frida
You have to try one of our many delicious and refreshing national and international beers!!
We present our Family Suite, it has everything you need and even more, for you and your whole family!
With dynamic and vibrant details such as a wooden screen ceiling and tile flooring with tin accents, Frida's menu adheres to the most representative dishes of Mexico.
We are more than ready to receive you! ❤️ Check out all our Safety and Hygiene Protocols! 👉🏼 www.staysafe.velasresorts.com
Our restaurant Frida introduces diners to the authentic gourmet specialties and fascinating culinary traditions of Mexico, adding a subtle touch of modernity and local charm.
Did you know that... pineapple is a versatile fruit with a sweet taste from Brazil that is perfect in any dessert?
Pineapple, an ideal fruit for this season when the sun's rays are increasingly present!
Choose your favorite spot, get the relaxing vacation you deserve
Enjoy being close to the immensity of the blue sea, its beauty and splendor will await you every morning
The best place to appreciate a sunset is Miramar, it is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not to dream...
If you feel you can't keep going without coffee, How about a delicious Coffee Cocktail?
'Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about!
Lucca's gourmet menu features fresh Italian and Mediterranean cuisine using the finest local and imported ingredients.
"Grand Velas Los Cabos se ubicó dentro de los tres primeros lugares, en la categoría Mejor Resort Todo-Incluido del Mundo; en la novena posición dentro del top 25 de Hoteles de Lujo en el Mundo. Grand Velas Los Cabos arrasó en estos premios." 👏 Tripadvisor Forbes México 👉 https://snip.ly/kju96s
We are always here, we are always ready to receive you, paradise is ready for you!
You can't come to Cabo and not visit our incredible SE Spa! The most exclusive massages and treatments in the country!
Looking for a magical place for you destination wedding? We think this is the perfect place for you! Weddings by Velas Resorts
Views that will take your breath away, in all our rooms
We are more than happy for spending the day with you answering all your questions! Velas Experts 👏 #VirtuosoTravelWeek #VirtuosoTravel #GrandVelasCabo
Would you like to know our Governor Suite? Today we show it to you here!
"Esta semana Tripadvisor dio a conocer un listado con los 25 mejores hoteles de México, entre los cuales destacó en primer lugar Grand Velas Los Cabos, estancia exclusiva ubicada en la costa de Baja California Sur." INMOBILIARE 👉 https://snip.ly/i2sf6r
Let yourself be hypnotized by the magic of Los Cabos
Get ready to meet the #1 Mexican Resort in the World! Thank you Tripadvisor for this amazing award!! #TravellersChoiceAwards2020 👏 👉 https://bit.ly/3fa71sF