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Experience The Best Whale Watching Tours In Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is blessed to have a front-row seat to the annual migration of hundreds of whales from December through March. These majestic creatures make their way south to take advantage of the sunny climate, abundant marine life and shallow waters found in the bays and lagoons north of Los Cabos.
It is the ideal spot to give birth and raise their young. Eight of the 11 known species of whales make this annual migration, including minke, Bryde, fin, humpback, gray, blue and sei whales. You can witness this spectacle up close on a Cabo whale watching tour.


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Varies by tour.


  • Whale Watching Tours
  • Whale Identification
  • Whale Education


  • High-Speed Inflatable Boat Tours
  • Education By Marine Biologists
  • Photography Services
  • Daily Departures - Dec. to March
  • Covered Boat Tours
  • Small Groups


  • What is the best season for whale watching?
    The months of December through March are the best time to whale watch in Cabo San Lucas. These are the months the whales are giving birth and rearing their newborns in the calm bays and lagoons along the coast. In fact, whale watching tours are so confident you'll see whales at this time, most offer a whale sighting guarantee.
  • Which areas are the best for whale sighting?
    The best way to get up close to the whales is by boat. You can head out in inflatable Zodiac-style boats or larger vessels with covers for a more comfortable and traditional experience. From shore, Magdalena Bay Whale Sanctuary and San Ignacio Lagoon are your best bet for sightings.