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Reasons why you must have a Wellnessing Getaway

By: Velas Magazine / 05 Feb 2020
Reasons why you must have a Wellnessing Getaway

As the first month of 2020 comes to an end, now is a good time to do a quick evaluation of all your New Year's resolutions or at least bolster them. Although you should not worry too much, as you still have plenty of time in the year.

Surely one of your goals involves adopting a healthier lifestyle, which you can read more on a previous post where we suggest a few wellness goals that you could set, that will contribute to your physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual well-being.

February is a great time to adopt new wellness habits or to take back your routine after December festivities. From the 19th to the 21st of February, you can be part of Wellnessing Getaway, a wellness event celebrated in Grand Velas Los Cabos.

True to the meaning of wellness —which refers to the healthy balance of the physical, mental and spiritual being— this retreat has the sole objective of renewing mind and body, as well as unlocking inner potential through various workshops.

Here are 3 reasons why you should attend this exceptional wellness event:

Wellness experts

Learn about the wellness trends, from Spa treatments to meditation, nutrition, exercise, and more, led by wellness experts.

Among the guests at the 2020 edition of Wellnessing Getaway are Tonatiuh García, spiritual ceremonies guide and pioneer of the temazcal as holistic therapy; Adriana Azuara, director and founder of All4Spas and representative of Wellness for Cancer in Mexico and Latin America; Rachael DeVaux, dietitian and certified personal trainer; and Sabra Seligman, nutritionist, and chef specializing in plant-based food.

Wellness activities

There's no doubt that the main draw for this event is its activities program. For three days you will be immersed in various activities, from sunrise until sunset, you can choose from yoga classes facing the sea, exercise routines, meditation or lifestyle workshops; healthy cooking classes, wellness breakfasts, sound therapies, and harmonic rituals.


If the activities and wellness experts are yet not enough to convince you, the destination surely will. Grand Velas Los Cabos is the resort no. 1 in Los Cabos based on guest reviews on TripAdvisor. Admire the majestic scenery of this heavenly destination while experiencing a yoga session facing the sea or a healthy meal.

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