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10 Feb 2020

Video Mapping Experience

All of the places you visit bear a story behind each wall, under each street, and deep within its traditions. Exploring the origin behind the towns of Baja California Sur enables the conservation of its cultural and historical wealth.

While visiting museums is one of the most common ways to immerse ourselves in the stories of the past. In current times, these experiences have to be aligned with modern technological trends.

One example is video mapping. This audiovisual system projects images on real surfaces, such as large buildings that illustrate one-of-a-kind experiences with each moving effect, depicting an exciting detail within the story. In Grand Velas Los Cabos, we use this technology to immerse guests in a unique ancestral journey inside San Pedro Canyon enveloped by the Sierra La Laguna, Baja California Sur.

This adventure, led by expert guide Oscar Ortiz begins with an early hike where you'll encounter endemic species, ancient rock formations, and flora, and fauna that frame stunning landscapes. Regain your strength after a long hike with a very peculiar gastronomic experience inside nature's stunning beauty. Upon reaching the key point of the tour, a delectable picnic with tlayudas, guacamole, fresh oysters, grilled clams, and roasted beef with onions and corn tortillas will await. 

The best part comes after sunset as you can enjoy an incredible video mapping show projected on a giant rock, under the moonlight, coupled by nature and architectural symbols that reflect the culture of the area filled with a history of the pericúes ethnic group, who inhabited the nearby areas years ago. Much has been discussed about this ancient tribe such as its original origin, before migrating to Baja California, which remains unknown. Can you imagine the mysteries that are stored among thousands of years of history?

This is just one exciting way to explore the history and tradition that surrounds this amazing destination, allowing us to immerse fully in its antiquity and learn more about an unknown world. So who would you live this video mapping experience with?


Original Post by Velas Magazine

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