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Luxury Spa Services In Los Cabos

Your journey to renewal begins in the serenely sublime spa at Grand Velas Los Cabos. Open your consciousness with a collection of restorative ceremonies and rituals handed down through generations. Intertwining the rejuvenating powers of water, light, sand, sun and sea, our holistic treatments realign body, mind and spirit. Awaken your senses and transform your spirit with massage, hydrotherapy, facials and personalized skin treatments. Your path to enlightenment begins here.


Explore the restorative healing power of touch with an array of massage techniques. Release toxins stored deep within tense muscles. Enjoy a soft caress that creates a sublime connection between mind and body. Aromatherapy and organic elixirs transport you to an enlightened experience.
  • Insanity Massage
  • Personalized Therapeutic Massage
  • Blue Agave Vela Massage


Renew your inner essence with a restorative treatment that returns skin to pristine condition. Counteract the effect of time and the elements with deep cleansing and application of nourishing vitamins and natural ingredients. Each treatment addresses your individual skin care needs.
  • Organic Blue Agave Facial
  • Anti-Aging 3D Lifting Facial
  • Vagheggi Klotho Facial


Experience total transformation with body treatments that utilize timeless traditions and authentic resources. Renew and rehydrate tired, over-exposed skin to a healthy, natural glow. This collection of ceremonies and rituals combine our most restorative treatments for complete renewal.
  • Agave After-Sun Treatment
  • Personalized Hydrotherapy Ritual
  • Meeting Of Two Souls Ritual
  • Grand Velas Barbershop Ceremony
  • Soon To Be Married Ceremony
  • Vagheggi Reductive Diorite Treatment
  • Renovation Ritual
  • Thermae Ceremony for Brides
  • Desert Cactus Ritual
  • Alpha Male Ceremony
  • Blue Agave Exfoliation
  • Yaakunah Ritual
  • Desert Flower Bridal Ritual
  • SE Grand Velas Ceremony
  • Insanity Ceremony