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Frequently Asked Questions

What I can do in Los Cabos in December?
A December is a great time to visit Los Cabos, with beautiful sunny weather, and whales arriving after migrating to the surrounding waters from the Bering Sea and it is also a great time to hit Cabo's world-class beaches, with the warm desert climate providing temps in the mid 70s and 80s.
  • Whale Watching

    From December through May, Baja is home to eight of the world's eleven whale species, who visit to birth and raise their young. In December, whale watchers can spot up to five different types of whales from Greys to Humpbacks, and sports fisherman can head out along the coast to catch striped and blue marlin.
    What I can do in Los Cabos in December - Whale Watching
  • Holidays Decoration in Cabo

    During the holidays, the center of San José del Cabo is decorated with a big lighted tree, and Mexican sweets and holiday treats can be found in the town's charming shops.
    What I can do in Los Cabos in December - Holidays Decoration in Cabo
  • Open-Wheel Tour

    Get behind the wheel of your own open-wheel tour car and explore Cabo. Play at your own pace on the Wide Open dirt track or backroads of the Baja Peninsula. Radio communication keeps you in touch with the tour guide who is there to keep you on track. Find your own way, off the beaten path, or let your guide direct you toward some of the backcountry's best sights. Push the envelope and conquer the elements off-road.
    What I can do in Los Cabos in December - Open-Wheel Tour
  • Camel Safari

    Imagine the eco-adventure of a lifetime. Track deep into the heart of the Baja outback onboard Unimog trucks to a hidden destination - Rancho San Cristobal. Enjoy spectacular scenery along the way and savor authentic Mexican cuisine upon arrival. Then it's time to saddle up for the ultimate adventure - a camel ride along a pristine, golden sand beach. Finish your adventure with a fun tequila tasting session, making this the ultimate outback adventure in Cabo San Lucas.
    What I can do in Los Cabos in December - Camel Safari
  • Ultralight Sky Tours

    Explore all of Cabo from a new perspective. Fly high above the towering granite cliffs and sparkling azure seas in the rear seat of a powered hang glider. Let our experienced, licensed pilot take you on an unforgettable journey to discover the beauty of Baja from the air. With a range of tours, there's an adventure for everybody's thrill level, from short 10 minute hops to a 65 minute flight across all of the Baja peninsula.
    What I can do in Los Cabos in December - Ultralight Sky Tours
  • Flyboarding

    If you crave the adrenaline rush of the coolest adventure sports in Los Cabos, you have to hop on a flyboard. Step into the wakeboard boots and get ready to soar and dive with the warm, clear Cabo waters around you. A personal watercraft provides a continuous water-powered jet to your specially equipped board, and our experienced trainers control your power and height. You do the rest with simple movements of your feet, knees and body weight. You'll be flying through the air and hovering like a pro in no time.
    What I can do in Los Cabos in December - Flyboarding